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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

In the first lesson, the teacher did not engage the students. Because he jumped right into the lesson the students were confused. A few made the effort to participate, but did not understand what he wanted. He often told them they were wrong. Eventually students began to understand what he was trying to teach them and they explained it to each other He used little drilling and did not ask individual students to say the words. The "study" part of the lesson was very brief, then he rushed them to complete the worksheet and complained that they didn't do it. When late students came in he stopped the lesson and reprimanded them for being late. He also told one girl he didn't know her name because she didn't put her sign up. When he reviewed the worksheet he only put a checkmark on the board, did not write the word, so if students got it wrong they never got to see what the correct answer looked like. Finally he had them play a game but they had no idea how to play. At the end of the lesson he walked out. In the second lesson the teacher introduced himself and practiced saying every student's name. He began with an engage phase and made sure students understood what he was looking for. When he gave them worksheets he had them work in groups so they would have to talk to each other and did the first question with them so they understood what to do. He also monitored them while working and corrected one group. He always use positive reinforcement, saying, "good." or "right." He made sure students understood bingo before playing and demonstrated two questions before they started. At the end, he checked for understanding and praised them for their hard work. The second teacher was much more effective because he was more engaged in the lesson and he made sure throughout that students understood what he was trying to teach them. They were also more engaged and worked harder to please him.