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This unit follows the flow by introducing the techniques and benefits of classroom management after the discussions of various learners’ backgrounds in the unit 1 and numerous teaching methods in the unit 2. Only knowing the students’ backgrounds and the teaching methodology is far from enough. An orderly and pleasant environment in the classroom is also an extremely necessary element to welcome an effective learning. Acknowledging students’ backgrounds allows instructor a better gear on the teaching techniques to the specific target audience, while utilizing the proper methodology allows instructor a more customized delivery of the materials that students are expected to master. However, most importantly, creating a learner friendly atmosphere will provide students a pleasant learning platform, make students more motivated and in the meantime, minimize the distractions to them. These three factors would all at no doubt play critical roles in the wellbeing of learning and the outcomes of teaching. Classroom management is a task and can be fulfilled by different approaches or different combinations of several approaches. The type of approach to be used really depends on the situations including the students’ ages, academic backgrounds, learning goals, and the class length and the session contents, etc. No single method can bring all the desirable classrooms. This unit talked about many techniques of classroom management, from eye contact, body gestures, using students’ names, sites where the instructor should stay in the classroom, the tones that the instructor would need to use to whether the instructor should sit or stand, whether the instructor should group students and how, as well as what the pros and the cons of different types of grouping are, etc. There is no doubt that each type of the management approaches is more applicable to certain type of circumstances in the classroom. A compatible management technique to specific classroom setting will certainly increase the likelihood of reaching the goal of the session. Moreover, the instructor has to be aware that a good method of classroom management or a good atmosphere created at one time may not be perfect or very suitable for another session of same group of students or a different group of students. An instructor should have the skill to modify or adjust the techniques to best fit the teaching-learning of each session and each group of the students. While deciding the ways of classroom management, the instructor must be very sensitive to the culture aspect to avoid offending the students and subsequently damaging the rapport already or being to be established. On the other hand, the instructor should also be very sensitive to students’ individual situations such as in the case that one student does not like another student personally. An instructor should not take anything personally. He or she should treat every student equally and fairly, yet still maintain the limits, the disciplines and the consistencies. An instructor should be a role model in every aspect for students to follow while expecting a great picture of a desirable classroom. For instance, instructor’s early or timely arrival to the classroom would give students a sense that tardiness may affect the integrity of the classroom learning environment and thus the students’ punctual arrival can be expected to bring a good start for a well managed classroom. In general, studying this unit made me more aware of the importance of classroom management to the teaching-learning process. Through analyzing this unit, I learnt that there are many areas needed to be focused in producing a learning oriented classroom and there are many techniques needed to be utilized in making the learnings positive. There is no doubt, an improperly managed classroom can turn the teaching to a failure and an undesirable classroom ambient may severely discourage the learning and even result in losing the students.