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Overview After watching both videos it reminds me when I was in school. But the effective way of teaching would definitely be No 2 ( class 2). The no 1 video is a very old method of teaching and is an authoritative way of teaching which does not let the student participate in the learning process, and drives fear into the student right from the word go. The welcome into the class is the first contact between teacher and student, and as the saying goes A SMILE DOES NOT COST THE TEACHER ANYTHING. Using vocabulary which is not understood in the beginning of the lesson makes all the students feel uneasy and less willing to participate in the activities that will follow. The excessive force used by the teacher by not using student’s names is where things start going wrong, the teacher is supposed to make the class a relaxed learning place and not a room filled with tension. The teacher in the first lesson is doing all the talking not trying to elicit ideas from the students. Then he starts writing on the board but not about the animals but about the structure of the sentence I can’t /she can’t plus the actions etc. The whole process is illogical from the start and there is no sequence to his teaching methods plus the fact there is no encouragement or mimicking in any form. After this he is at the stage where he starts to spoon feed the students. The teacher inspires no confidence in the students when he finally picks his notes which means he has not prepared for the lesson. After this episode one of the students tries to engage him with the question can & could which he brushes away. By this time the class is looking much confused but he plunders on with a questionnaire. He spends too much time on CAN and CAN’T by this time and no student participation. He further asks the students to draw an animal and uses the word imagination the students have probably never even heard of the word. The best is still to come that he starts reading a book in the corner of the class room. At this stage no pictures or cards. Descriptions are been given in words this makes the thinking process very hard. I would say the teacher is self centered. Video 2 Introduction of teacher name and a smile on the face is a show of confidence by the teacher. Asking for students names is the best way of introduction. Having materials ready at hand is another confidence point A BIG PEN for the student. At this stage rapport is already established and having materials at hand is a good sign that paper is at hand so lists can be made and pairing has started so there is some type of cohesion taking place. The teacher is also looking at his watch so he is trying to keep to a time frame. Introduction of new vocabulary is also being used by using an ostrich as an example. He then goes on to mimicking movements of animals which prompt’s the students into motions of the animals. From here he goes into a gap filling exercise which activates the students into can & can’t. Drilling is the next stage where pronunciation comes into play. This is again followed by a gap fill exercise which is done in pairs which improves student talk time. When the exercise is finished the whole class answered the questions and then he asks questions in an unpredictable fashion thus keeping students on their toes. Finally we come to the imaginary animal, which he has already produced in the preparation of this class which shows for commitment to the lesson. He then asked them to draw their imaginary animals and then having a class discussion . Saying time is up is with a smile and finishing of by clapping is another good gesture on the side of the teacher.