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Overview Methodology, Mistakes, & Feedbacks. This is a vast subject which covers many aspects of teaching English but to break it down and put simply we should look at the main points covered in this area. It covers firstly the areas were students come from , surrounding area’s which speak English , levels of English, which the students are at. And finally how much contact they have with English speaking people. Mainly we have covered methods present and past. Grammar – translation, Audio – lingualism, Presentation, Practice and Production, Task-Based Learning, Communicative Language Teaching, Communicative Language Teaching, Communicative Language Teaching, The silent way, Suggestopaedia, The Lexical approach, and finally coming to Engage, Study and Activate or ESA which was brought about by Jeremy Harmer. All methods have their negatives and positives but at little expansion on this will help us at the points we have to look at A the Students and B the Teacher Students-be must motivated, encouraged to use the language, and have minimum amount of stress. Teacher-must elicit information from students; use this as a starting point and the progress with this to other activities of teaching. These can cover e.g. real, objects, flash cards, videos etc. From the feedback of these the teacher should then proceed carefully, to advance these activities with writing and reading. This needs to be done tactful and not point fingers at any students, be encouraging , pointing to the right direction but not spoon feeding the answer. ESA Engage phase: is the warmer part of the class to get students to think. Study Phase: Is where speech, construction of sentences, rules of English, are taught but also corrected and feed back is required by use of worksheets. Activate Phase: Students at this stage must use English by doing actives such Roll Playing, Debates etc Here there is no hard and fast rules as sometimes the order of the above can change so as to get the final result of understanding by the students. Here there are basically three methods of teaching listed below: 1.)Straight Arrow Method 2.)Boomerang Method 3.)Patchwork Method Each of these involves a sequence but what we have to remember is what is the end result do the students get by understanding of the lesson being taught. Teachers must be innovative with ideas on how to cover the ESA Engage Phase: Discussions on pictures, movies, headlines , celebrities, etc. Study Phase: Elicitation – Pronunciation – Spelling – Meaning Word order, Analysis. Activate Phase: Role-play Producing materials Communication games Debate/discussion Story building. Giving Feedback this very important to both teachers and students as this is two way street on what the student has comprehended and if not what needs correction and motivation. And finally Correction Techniques this is an interesting art as it helps both teacher and to actually see results and understanding of the lesson or lessons given