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Wow! This unit was incredible! I was excited when I saw the heading "Pronunciation and Phonology." I thought, "I got this!" Well, this chapter started out with the variations in intonation mainly in volume and pitch, looking at the rise and fall of speech and what it communicates to the listener. It then gave techniques for teaching and indicating intonation. The focus then turned to stresses and the basic rules of stress in relation to words and syllables. It then gave techniques for indicating and teaching stress. The chapter also dealt with sound joining in which persons engage with respect to speech. It differentiated between voice and unvoiced consonants by looking at the effects on the vocal cords. In the section on articulation, it focused various categories or forms of articulation as it relates to consonants; mainly highlighting the explosives, fricatives, affricates and nasals. Techniques for teaching pronunciation and individual sounds were introduced along with the importance of teaching articulation, when the teacher considers best. Included, were the "phonological and pronunciation" chart and the "manner and place of articulation" table. I did not get this chapter! While I understood the concepts, implementing these lessons in a classroom is highly challenging as it is very difficult to streamline all this information without the expertise in the area of phonology. There are some questionable aspects of the material as it relates to accents, speaker's intent such as deception, culture among other issues. I presume this is one of the hardest chapter in this course. A lot more exploration is needed!