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Learned or learnt? I had to look up the history of these two words and figure out for myself which sounded more natural or acceptable. What I discovered of course is that both words are acceptable just like burned or burnt, dreamed/dreamt, kneeled/knelt, spoiled/spoilt. The Oxford dictionary states these words are differences in American English and British English. Personally I prefer the "ed" ending. Perhaps that is the British/Canadian in me :) Furthermore this unit has reaffirmed my ability to teach English as a second language using many different methods. I am fluent in ASL(American Sign Language) and the use of mime and body language is very important. It's been stated that communication is largely body language 55%, tone of voice and facial expression{vocal behaviour}38% and lastly verbal 7%. This is very exciting to me not only from a teaching standpoint but also for observing behaviour of others. It also keeps me aware of my own body language and facial expression.