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Receptive skills are extremely important when it comes to interacting with the English world; no one spends their whole day simply speaking to others without needing to listen or read. There are four main types of reading or listening routinely needed: prediction - figuring out the overall idea or topic, as from a title or summary gathering specific information - search for something we're looking for out of a larger selection, like an article on your favorite vacation spot in a larger magazine or a specific song on the radio skimming - reading quickly or listening (but not too closely) to get the general idea of what's being discussed concentration - getting detailed information and paying close attention to each bit that is said or written, like when following complex insturctions deduction - using the context of a piece/sentence/paragraph to understand individual words/phrases that may otherwise be unfamiliar The complexity/length of a written or spoken piece determines the difficulty. Written is usually easier than spoken as you can reread. Two ways of addressing a potential issue with comprehension would be to: preteach vocabulary and structures, remind them it is not always necessary to know every single word; select texts carefully. Authentic (not designed for ESL leaners) texts are often more useful but more difficult. Non-authentic are specifically designed for ESL and should pose less issues but may also be less useful. Choose an interesting topic. Vary topics to ensure you reach all students. Ensure you engage all students about a topic. Use tasks to check comprehension.Pair work where each takes a turn reading and then explaining is often useful, as are jumbled/scrambled texts.