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This unit gave an overview on how several factors within the classroom can affect class management, and the strategies used to foster different goals related to. First, we addressed the use of eye contact, voice and gestures within a class. Direct eye contact can be used to engage and direct students, but should be minimized during activities where the teacher is not the focus as it can be distracting and attention getting. Gestures are useful for adding and emphasizing meaning, but the teacher must ensure the gestures are understood by the students as many gestures are not internationally understood. Voice encompass tone, volume and language use, and needs to adapted to the activity and the students. Students will often mirror a teacher's voice, letting voice provide a more powerful tool for class management then might be expected. Class size and the physical seating arrangements also have a big impact on student engagement and class management. The U or semicircle offers a host of benefits when it comes to interaction and facilitating pair and whole-class work, but larger classes may not all fit. Rows are traditional and good for large classes, but will limit engagement for students farthest back and may make the closest students feel they are under scrutiny (or in the limelight, for those who enjoy it). Tables are goof for small group work but can make eye contact difficult. Discipline in the class needs to address an issue promptly, without embarrassing the student(s) involved. It is imperative threats about discipline not be made without the resolve or means to carry them through. If at a school, make use of the school's discipline code to ensure consistency within the class. Preventative measures can help ensure the class itself isn't the issue: arrive prepared and on time, be interested in what you're doing, know the materials, and plan according to your class size and abilities. This will help ensure the students are actively engaged and won't simply become bored or frustrated, leading to misbehaviour.