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Within Unit 2, we are exposed to an introduction to grammar beginning with the parts of speech to the English language. The English grammatical system holds a vast wealth of knowledge and thus, it is extremely hard to know everything in regards to grammar. However, we do know what it takes to make up a proper sentence. What we tend to forget sometimes, is that each word in a sentence can be classified depending on its purpose and the meaning the word adds to the sentence. Knowing what the differences between a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, and more allows us to realize as to why some sentences actually make more sense than others. Each part of speech has an important role to play within a sentence whether it is being verbally spoken to someone or it is just being written out on paper. Without certain parts of speech, the sentence structure would feel incomplete and make no sense. Personally, I have rather enjoyed having this refresher on the parts of speech of the English language. From all the memories I have from my English classes, I honestly do not remember ever touching upon such topics as intransitive and transitive verbs along with several other topics within the parts of speech. It created a bit of an eye opener that even during all those years of schooling, there were topics that never were never truly touched upon that we maybe should have spent a little time discussing. Due to the wide range of parts of speech, it can create a bit of a difficult time for students when they are learning this for the first time. It is a topic that when taught, should be made as comfortable as possible for the students. If students are not entirely grasping the topics, then more time may have to be spent on breaking down each part of speech more so that each student can fully comprehend how to properly formulate a sentence.