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A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE "UNIT 5” CONTENT AND .KNOWLEDGE ACQUIRED. The content of this unit titled “PLANNING LESSONS” covers the following details: ^ Essentials of Lesson Planning. - It serves as an Aid to planning e.g. what to achieve at the end of the lesson. etc. - A record \ document to be flexible, keep on target. - For covering some general data about the class and what should happen during the lesson. etc. ^ Major Principles of Lesson Planning. - Don’t try to Script the lesson - Keep it simple - Maintain the same structure. etc. ^ How to get Set\ Organized for a Smooth Flow lesson. - Get a lesson plan - Have all the necessary requirements e.g. materials \aids etc. - Layout materials for easy access. - Board clean and get set to chat to students so as to get them in mood. ^ A good sample of lesson Plan “Format”. It must involve the following items: - teacher ‘s name \ expected number of students. - Class level, Date/ period. - Room number, context/ focus. - Lesson objectives {students and teachers obj.}. - Anticipated problem both the teacher / students and Solutions. - Procedures / Steps: Timing, phases and interactions. ^ Process of using (D – E – GO), for study activities. The D ---- demonstration: process of the activities. E ----- elicit: asking, correct answer STT etc. GO ----- give the material, here fizz the teacher. ^ Sequence in lesson planning. Planning a sequences of lesson includes: - Goals as in examination target, syllable etc. - Flexibility. - Revision and Variety\ balance. ^ Monitory the students \ correction, In this aspect, Teacher go around the class monitoring to check progress etc. but don’t stop the students working. Meanwhile, errors, mistakes should be corrected by adopting the following process: [a] SELF CORRECTION by the students him/ herself. {b} PEER CORRECTION between student – student. {c} TEACHER CORRECTION when the above two not successful then teacher will do the final correction.