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Unit II focuses on teaching methods in the ESL/EFL classroom. After going through a number of different teaching methods that have been used in EFL, some with better results than others, this ITTT course centers in on one particular method that is flexible and very user-friendly for new teachers and students alike. This is the Engage, Study, Activate (ESA) method. In the Engage stage, teachers should try to encourage as much speaking and student involvement as possible. This is the ice-breaker stage, there to get students talking and awake. The Study stage is there to introduce the grammar or language point for the lesson and to drill it. This stage will probably involve quiet work, worksheets and perhaps partner work. The Activate stage is there to give students the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice, either with role-plays, stories, presentations or discussions. This ESG method is practical and effective because it helps bring speaking, listening, reading and writing into each lesson and keeps things from getting too stagnant. It is also flexible and easily adapted to different levels and learning targets. The parts can be mixed up throughout the lesson as long as the lesson begins with an Engage activity and ends with an Activate activity. I think it will be a useful blueprint from which to create a lesson in the future.