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Unit 1 provides information about teachers and learners Part 1 divides into three parts. The first is the definition of a good teacher, the different roles of the teacher and how to apply them. First, a good teacher is the one who is responsible for their work, the sense of his/her teaching. More importantly, teaching is geared towards learners' learning. Understandably, the lessons’ goals and how to proceed are based on the learner's abilities because of the diffirence among each learner. If you do not realize the importance of taking learners as the center, final targets only serve the teachers to complete their lecture, which is not an educational goal Second, part 1 outlines nine different roles that each role has its own characteristics, reflected in the involvement of teachers more or less. The manager provides information through explanation before class. The organizer is the one who sets up activities that enlist students. Assessor gives feedback and corrects students, beside assessment and grading. Prompter is the one who encourages students without reducing their initial initiation. The teacher as a participant balances the amount of learners and works with the students, fulfilling the role as a regular partner. Tutors are more involved in personal support, make sure be fair to all students. Facilitator is a useful and available resource. Be a wise resource, don't let students take it for grandted. Why it’s said that good teachers need a great knowledge, because when you’re acting as a model, teachers will be the closest reliable source of knowledge that students ask for. The final role of a teacher is mentoring, including gentle observation, getting close enough to not interrupt working students but not far enough to be able to participate in correcting students in necessary places. In order to use the different roles of teachers, teachers need to rely on each activity and the purpose to be achieved so that you deto pick who you woul play in that actitivy Moving to part 2 is about learners. We have good teachers, we also have good learners. In my personal opinion, the best quality of a good learner is to be willing to express ideas by questions, whether to build lessons or solve problems. In part 2, the study group and level are also mentioned. An overview of the different characteristics between adults and children participating in English learning. Adults have clear goals so that their motivation will be higher than children who often rely on their parents' motivation. In addition, the life Experience is convenient for adults to help enrich the lesson, but the learning experience is the barrier to start from white paper as a child. Young learners have grate abilities of their brain. However, working in class for kids, teaching requires a lot of effort in dealing with emotions, behavior. Knowing the difference helps the teacher to have appropriate and effective lessons for each subject. Especially cultural differences, learners' mother tongue play a very important role in the learning process of learners In conclusion, in order to succeed in education, it requires a high quality relationship between teachers and learners. For a future there are many good learners, starting with a good teacher now