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Unit 11 Teaching Receptive Skills There are four basic skills of any language, these skills are all equally important, these skills are; receptive skill (listening and Reading) and productive skils (writting and speaking). The reasons and motivation for listening and writting are two fairly wide ranges categories and that is for purpose and for entainment. Reading and listen should be much more than recongizing and understanding words but also grasping the overall meaning for the pre-existent knowledge of the world. When persons read or listen, their understanding of the information will depend on their expertise in the following areas: ?-Specific information- when you listen and read for specific information. ?-General idea- general understanding of the content. ?-Detailed information- read in order to understand everything in detail. ?-Predictive skills- predicting contents of an article. This prediction can be made based on the title or introduction. -Deduction from context- when you understand the meaning of individual word ?or phrases from the context in which you listen / read. Teachers have to be careful when they teach using the receptive skills. When you read, the content is easier to understand as the reader can go over the information more than once. However, when students listen to the teacher, the information sometimes become too much and they get confused. There are many ways in which a teacher can approach this language learning problem. Some of these are pre-teaching vocabulary and careful selection of texts for the lesson. The teacher should create interest in the students by engaging them with things they find to be entertaining. The teacher should also choose topics that are interesting and comprehension tasks that promote a better understanding of the lesson. A successful receptive skills lesson should include the following: ?-Material that students are interested in ?-Build interest before reading or listening ?-Pre-teach complex vocabulary ?-Vary the type of material ?-Use the material to practice different skills ?-Comprehension tasks that help with understanding ?-Incorporate activate phases that naturally lead on from the text.