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This unit explains the many future tenses in English, their formation, their various usages, examples of each form, differences between 'will' and 'shall', common student mistakes with each form and examples of how they can be taught in the Activate stage of a lesson. I have taken a great interest in the material in this unit, as many of the specifics related to future tenses in English are something which I as yet have not taught very often and thus have not spent much time considering. For example, whilst I may be consciously aware of the difference between 'it'll rain tomorrow" and 'it's going to rain tomorrow', it would not have been something which I could clearly explain previously to my students if I had needed to. It was therefore extremely useful to review all of the different forms which the future can take and to analyse how they differ from each other and why people may easy confuse them, so as to be ready to clearly explain this to students should it be necessary. It was also helpful to look at some of the more minor points, such as the difference in inference between 'will' and 'shall'. Both the major and more minor aspects of the future tense are things which I will make a point of illustrating to my students from now on whenever I teach it.