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Unit 3 describes the Theories,methods and techniques of EFL. Grammar translation is a method introduced earlier periods and the student learns the language through finding equivalents in his L1. Tis method has many drawbacks such as prevent students from getting the kind of natural language. Audio lingual ism method basically suggest that much learning is as a result of habit formation through conditioning.Even though the students will learn vocabulary very quickly errors may not a fault in this method. Task based learning,communicative language teaching,are more focused on a task than the accuracy of the language.Presentation method is more like teacher centred while the community language learning is more student centered. The silent way method let the students discover the language and using cognition in the learning and interesting for the students are some plus points while distant from the teacher is a drawback of this method. Suggestopaeia is a comfortable way of learning using Music presentations and discussions. The lexical approach argues that words and phrases are far better building blocks for language acquisition than grammatical structure. ESA describes Engage,study and activate stages. Engage stage is where the teacher will try to arouse students interest and get involved in the lesson.Its more like a warm up stage. In the study stage students will focus on the language and how it is constructed. In the activate stage focus is very much more on fluency than accuracy.Typical activate include role play,communication games and debates. When considering ESA lessons there are Straight arrow ESA lessons,Boomerang and patchwork ESA lessons according to the places of Engage,Study and Activate stages are appeared. Finally In a best method of learning and teaching students need much exposure to language as possible, Students need a certain amount of input from the teacher,law anxiety and stress and students should be encouraged to discover language for themselves.