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EQUIPMENT AND TEACHING AIDS Teaching equipment are teaching aids needed for lessons in an EFL classroom. These include: 1. the board. 2. interactive whiteboard. 3. overhead projector - used as an alternative to the board. 4. visual aids such as real objects, pictures and photos. 5. worksheets and work cards made by the teacher or bought from a publisher. 6. cassette recorders. 7. CD players. 8. videos and DVDs. 9. video camera used to record students' activities and then played back for analysis and discussion. 10. dictionaries - helps students look up meaning, pronunciation and use of language. 11. coursebooks. 12. resource books - used for adapting, supplementing and replacing materials from a course book. 13. photocopies - used for copying materials that are not contained within the students' coursebook. 14. computers - used for; * word processing, * reference tools * EFL CDs that contains games, tests and other activities, * email * podcasts/MP3s/audio clips. 15. online resources - these are websites that a TEFL teacher can use as resources in the classroom. From this unit, I learned about the necessary tools used in an EFL classroom for effective teaching and learning, and how and where to access them.