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PHONOLOGY Phonology is defined as the organisation of sound. Intonation is the variation in volume and pitch in a sentence. Types of intonation: * rise/fall intonation * fall/rise intonation * flat intonation. Stress - is the strong part of a sentence Basic rules of stress: * one word has only one stress. * only syllables can be stressed, not individual words or consonants. The phonetic alphabet. Phonetic spelling is formed when you find the symbol that produces each individual sound and put them together. Place of articulation * soft palate * palatal * palatal-alveolar * alveolar * dental * labio-dental * bilabial * glottal Manner of articulation * plosive * fricative * affricate * approximant. I learnt from this unit the importance of teaching phonology to learners of the English language, which is, it helps them know the right pronunciation of words.