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Unit 1 explains the qualities,roles and responsibilities of both teachers and students.Be a fair.have a good knowledge of the subject, ability to motivate are the main good qualities of a teacher and the main roles are controller,organizer,assessor,Prompter,Participant, Tutor.Facilitator,model. According to my opinion being a good assessor,Prompter,Model are the most important among those roles as the teacher can correct the mistakes properly of the students,encourage the students to speak or use the language and be an exemplary model to the learners where there will be an easy ,interesting environment for the students to follow the lessons.It is more important that the teacher should be able to switch in to each role at the necessary stages of the lesson. On the other hand a good learner should have the willingness to listen to the language .ask questions,track their own learning methods, accept the error corrections and finally have a desire to learn.The teacher has a responsibility to encourage and foster these attributes. When considering the age levels we can divide the learners in to Post puberty where the students are mostly unmotivated, self conscious and unwilling to take risks, Pre puberty where thestudents are receptive to new words and grammar of a foreign language, and young learners where they have shorter attention spans and fond of games and songs. learners way of studying can be varied due to age ,learning experience,motivation,nervousness,behaviour, life experience, culture and language awareness. when considering about the language levels we can divide the learners as Beginners-zero to basic knowledge, Elementary-can make basic sentence, pre intermediate- communicate and understand greater variety of topics while lacking accuracy and fluency, Intermediate-wide area topics are communicated while they lack fluency and accuracy, upper intermediate where they lack accuracy and advance level where they will studying more subtle language items. Thus,this unit is very useful for teacher to identify the way they should act and behave with students and the the way to encourage different levels of students in the class.