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In this Unit i have learnt about the various different theories, methods and techniques used in language teaching, some of these are Presentation, Practice and Production (PPP), Task based learning, Communicative language teaching and Community language learning. I have learnt that the ESA method (Engage-Study-Activate) was designed to try and incorporate the best parts of these methods and others. For the Engage section the aim is to warm the class up by doing something like an alphabet relay, a memory game or a word linking game. In the engage section you should not correct the students but keep note of repeated mistakes and correct them in the study section. In the Study section is the section with the most input from the teacher but the teacher should still try not to make this become too much, activities in this section could include Elicitation, language drills and tongue twisters, gap fills and matching questions to answers or word searches and crosswords, you should always give the students a chance to correct their own work and maybe give them a prompt if needed. The Activate section is for the students to use the language they have just learnt and what they have learnt in previous lessons in a practical way, activities in this section can be things like role play, surveys and mill drills, producing materials such as a brochure or a business idea, or debate or discussion, in this section corrections should be kept to minimum as the flow of the use of language should be kept going and not slowed. The standard lesson set up for ESA is Engage-Study-Activate, this can become slightly boring for older students though if constantly repeated so a patchwork or boomerang pattern can be implemented, a boomerang pattern will go Engage-Activate1-Study-Activate2, and a patchwork lesson can come in many different combinations but must start with Engage and end with an Activate.