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There are thousands of words but they don't do the same job. For example - some words express action - some words express things - while some words are joined one word to form another. General what I have learned from this unit is that parts of speech are the building blocks in the English language. When we want to build a sentence we use a different type of word, each type has its own job. There are 9 basic types of word, and they are called parts of speech. I also understood here that there four important parts of speech which are - Noun (expresses a thing) - Verb ( expresses an action) - Adjective (tells more about a noun) - Adverb (tells us more about a verb) Other parts of speech include -Pronoun (replaces a noun) -Proposition ( link a noun to another word) -Determiners ( limits a noun) -Conjunction (Joints) -Interjection (expresses felling) and finally -Gerunds which is the -ing form of a verb.