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Like the present tense, there are four main past tense to consider. To form the past simple, add ed/d to the base verb. Some verbs are irregular however. Past simple is used for past actions when a time is given, actions that clearly took place at a definite time in the past. If “ago” is involved, this is a good clue that the past simple is involved. Form past continuous by adding was/were after the subject and before the verb+ing. This if for interrupted past actions, gradual developments that occurred in the past such as weather changing and actions that began in the past and probably continued afterwards. The past perfect is formed by inserting “had” and the past participle. This is for completely finished actions. Past perfect continuous is a little harder to work out for students since it involves two auxiliary verbs. “Had” and “been” need inserting. It’s used to talk about longer actions that had been going on in the past and up until the past moment mentioned. If the negative form includes “did/didn’t”, it is past simple. If “was/were” is seen, it’s past continuous. If “had/had not” is followed by a past participle, it is past perfect. If both “had” and “been” are seen together, then it is past perfect continuous.