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UNIT 7 VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR AND FUNCTIONS This unit talked about the significance and importance of having the right knowledge in word grammar and its functions along with a balanced, correct and timely usage of a vocabulary suitable for every situation, people and culture. It is imperative that a teacher is able to teach the students to learn the main foundation of the English language and be able to execute it well at any given event of their lives. It is the teacher's duty to impart techniques in learning the language with the use of the right pattern of learning in accordance with their needs such as the ESA (Engage, Study and Activate), Boomerang and the Patchwork through different engaging activities. In teaching vocabulary to students a teacher must keep in mind the factors and consequences to be dealt with in order to distinguish the appropriate approach to every student and they are as follows: > Similarity to student's own language. > Similarity to English word already known. > Spelling and pronunciation. > Appropriacy. However, there is also a teacher's guide to be considered when distinguishing the criteria of what to be taught to the students when selecting vocabulary: > Appropriacy to the students. > Appropriacy to the tasks. > Frequency and coverage - how often are the student to likely use a certain language and where he/she will use it. > Teachability - vocab will depend on the language level a student is in. But what do students need to know about a vocabulary item? They are as follows: (A teacher must keep this in mind) > Meaning - the meaning of a certain word or what a sentence wants to portray. > Use/ Usage - when is a word appropriate to use and what are the right combinations? > Word Grammar - where a word belongs. > Interaction - how a word or group of words affects other words. How it is used with another word. > Spelling - how it is written. Right spelling is a must. > Pronunciation - how it is spoken. Pronunciation is important to speak articulately. Important grammatical structures the teacher and student must keep in mind when learning any language: > Meaning - what the language means. > Use - how and when it is used. > Forms and Patterns - formations and patterns of the language. > Spoken and written form - any differences in forms.