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There are many parts of speech in English including nouns, adjectives (including comparative and superlative), articles (definite and indefinite), verbs and adverbs of various forms, gerunds, pronouns, prepositions, and conjunctions. I have learned that there can be many difficulties for learners in picking up these different parts of speech particularly with different verb forms since there are so many irregular verbs in common usage. I have gained a better understanding of the components which form sentences and how they fit together through breaking down sentences into these different parts. In particular I have benefitted from studying the parts less commonly talked about by native speakers in everyday usage such as gerunds which are verb forms end –ing and act as nouns, prepositions which show the relationship between a pronoun and another word, transitive verbs which are followed by an object, intransient verbs which cannot be followed directly by an object and that some transient verbs can also act as intransient verbs (eg study). I have also learned that adverbs are placed after a transient verb and its object or directly after an intransient verb. I have found the example sentences and worksheet activities to be particularly helpful in allowing me to recognise where different parts are used in a sentence and how a sentence is constructed. I believe example sentences are essential for learners of English to truly understand these concepts too.