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In Unit 9, the reader learns the importance of lesson plans and one way to prepare them. Lesson plans act, for the teacher, as an overview of activities and topics hoped to be covered in a lesson that can be referenced quickly and easily. This overview, however, must not be overly structured as a good lesson allows the teacher time to extend or finish an activity in a way that gives the lesson a flow and is directed toward students' interest in what is happening at the moment. Lesson plans also serve as record of what the class has covered for future lesson plan creation, as well as, creating a flow between lessons. Lesson plans should always be reviewed and changed suited to class needs. This record also gives the teacher an idea of the type of activities they have used in the past so that they can add variety in their plans or bring back something that worked well. One way a lesson plan can be done, as it is really up to the instructor and what works with them, is filling out a chart with information, such as, number of kids, lesson objective, and problems students could face with proposed solutions. The lesson plan should also map out the activities, stating what phase of activity it is (engage, study, or activate), estimated time it will take, and if the activity is student-teacher, student-student, or independant. Whether it is student-teacher, student-student, or independant will also allow the teacher to examine the amount of student talk time they have incorporated into the lesson.