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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

In this final unit, variety of challenges I may face during my first day and first few weeks of teaching where discussed and explained. During the first lesson, a teacher should immediately try to establish rapport with the students and get to know them. This can be done by playing warm-up games or just having open class discussion with the students. It is best to establish rapport right away in order for there to be a good relationship with the students and for the students to feel comfortable with the teacher. I can provide a questionnaire to the students to collect information on their interests, weaknesses and other information I should know. A teacher may face different English levels of students in one class which can cause difficulties not only for the teacher but for the students as well. This may not happen if the school has a competent placement exam however, this can still happen throughout the English course. This unit, give me suggestions to use if I come across this issue, for example I can use different materials depending on the skill level or I can use the same material just different tasks for each student. In addition, it is best for everyone in the classroom to speak English only. There will be instances where the students may speak their native language to me or to each other and when that happens I must make it be known that they’re only a few circumstances where that is appropriate. For example, to explain something to another student or because they do not understand the lesson. In addition, the unit went over reluctant students and listening difficulties that a teacher may face with in the classroom.There could be various reasons why a student is reluctant but it is best to approach them in a gentle manner and use role playing games and pair work in order for them participate. Problems of listening skills are found in all if not most nationalities who are non-English speakers. To fix this issue a teacher should establish if the students cannot comprehend via listening or do you not understand the English at all. To fix the listening as you, I can slow down the tape or read it myself at a slow pace. This unit has taught me challengers I will face and ways to counter act of them in my future classroom. I look forward to using the skills I have learned and using them in my future classroom