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Grammar may seem like second nature to us, but for those who aren't fluent in English, it can be difficult and requires a lot of work. Here is a brief description of the parts of speech in the English language: 1. nouns - names people, places, things, animals, qualities, states. Can be countable (books, houses) or uncountable (music, history) 2. adjectives - describe nouns. When there are multiple adjectives, go in this order: size --> age --> color --> material 2a. Comparisons - In regular cases, when using adjectives to compare, add "-er than". 3. Articles - used to refer to a noun, either indefinite (a, an) or definite (the) 4. Verb - "doing" word. 4a. Auxiliary verb - helps form a sentence structure for other verbs. These verbs are do, have, and be. 5. Adverbs - describe or add further meaning to a verb. 6. Gerunds - the "-ing" form of a verb that is used as a noun in a sentence (the word "watching" in the sentence "We enjoy watching TV.") 7. Pronouns - can be used in place of more specific nouns 8. Prepositions/Conjunctions - Prepositions show the relationship between a noun and another word in a sentence. (the word "at" in the sentence "I am at the park" joins "I" and "park"). Conjunctions can join words or groups in a sentence (and, but, before, because).