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Every school will provide resources to the teacher and it will always vary from school to school. They can go to a very high technologic system like a modern interactive board from basic teaching aids like the old but still efficient chalk blackboard. The board is essential for teachers, it doesn't require any special skills to use or training and it is usually found in almost every classroom. It is important to test any electronic devices before starting the class and be sure to know how to operate them, some of these electronic could be old fashioned like cassette recorders, even some CD players. The teacher should always have a backup plan in case they don't work, preventing from frustration and awkward situations and be prepared to these kinds of new resources because they change regularly with new upgrades and innovations. There are always resources that does not involve any kind of technology such as worksheets and work cards that can be brought from a publisher or made by the teacher. Visual aids also can be used to capture the students' attention. The most common visual aids used are real objects, pictures and photos. Some of the advantages of these kind of aids is that they don't have to be "tested" before, it helps the more "visual" students helping with memory process and it reduces the teacher talking time. Dictionaries are also very welcome in class as well as courses books and photocopies in case the teacher feels that is necessary to cover a unit with information that aren't contained within the students' course books. Computers are one of the most useful resources for teachers with combined with an overhead projector, so all students would be able to see or in case the school provides enough numbers of computers for each student. They can be used in so many ways possibly imagined. With a good internet connection, the teacher could go far and bring new ideas for learning, making the class more interesting and up to date.