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Speaking and writing abilities, so-called productive skills, are designed to be acquired for learners and, on the other side, to be taught by the teacher. These are the central points focused on in this unit. In my opinion, writing capacity does not represent the essential one to stress on for any teacher of foreign languages. Actually, and primarily, a language is the activation of oral (verbal) sounds (relative with phonetic system) by an individual, it is particularly known and efficient by means of interactive oral contact between humans, that means, through communication. Thus, it (language) tends to depict an instrument to using more for speech (speaking) rather than "seizing" a pen for the aim of writing something. Secondarily, (and fortunately) teaching/learning the writing skill has to embed a variety of intricate domains of actions to be implemented favorably, it supposedly requires more elaborated contents (datas) inherent to teaching lesson, and adding to that, more complex to organise with adequate structure the overall procedure in order to reach any objective of a lesson. Anyhow, and despite of the level of intricacy to using writing skill as an aim to direct to, teacher of languages has to accompany learners to the appropriation of this ability which is fundamental to be as correct (accurate) as possible in usage linked to many sectors of daily life; as examples, we can quote : to be able to write a letter to a friend, a report, a summary, or to fill in administrative documents.