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The topic of this unit is pronunciation and phonology. It focuses on intonation, sound joining, stress and phonemics. The intonation is the variation in volume and pitch throughout a sentence. It express part of the message of a sentence such as whether the speaker is surprised, agreeing, disagreeing, or seeking for a confirmation. Sound joining is another important aspect of English. In the spoken language, the sounds of the words in a sentence are connected. There are four major ways that it occurs in English: linking, dropping and changing a sound and adding an extra one. This unit also shows the general rules for determining the stress on a word and techniques for indicating the stress of a word or a sentence to the students. Some of the ways to indicate the stress in the classroom are to use contrastive stress, gestures, and underline the stressed parts on the board. The last part of the unit 13 presents how individual sounds are created. What distinguishes the sounds in the human speech are the manner and place of articulation and whether the sound is voiced or unvoiced. Since the spelling of words and their pronunciation are often different. It is important to teach the international phonemic alphabet to the students. In the video section, there is a very comprehensible phonology class demonstration that shows how to teach pronunciation by using the phonemic alphabet.