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Unit 13 offers a more detailed look at the productive skill of speaking. Its introduction of the International Phonetic Chart emphasizes the sound of words to bridge the many different pronunciations of groups of letters in the English language. This creates a bridging tool that aids a second language learner in navigating the various groups of vowels and consonants that may “look” alike while “sounding” differently. Examples include words such as ‘throw’ or ‘cow’ and ‘now’. Another example would be ‘rough’ vs. ‘through’. The unit also contrasts intonation (the variation in volume and pitch of an entire sentence) and stress (which is applied to individual words). Intonation of a sentence can offer clues as to whether the speaker is simply stating something or if they are asking for a response. Stress can refer to the emphasis on a word in the sentence to change meaning or on a syllable in a word. The place and manner of articulation addressed the physical components to apply speech. Although this seemed a bit like an anatomy lesson, it was extremely helpful in figuring out how to show non-native speakers how they can improve pronunciation.