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The unit provides an overview of the kinds of materials that can be helpful in structuring lessons. It provides a balanced view between authentic materials, which can be found in everyday life and adapted by the teacher for use in the classroom, and created materials, which are produced with English language learners in mind. Both types of material have a role in the classroom, depending on the students' level, their specific language needs and their specific interests. In general, authentic materials tend to be more interesting or motivating and can be more easily geared to students' specific interests. Because they are linked to daily life and real life situations, providing language that has not been specifically modified for learners, these texts or materials can be more challenging and thus inspire more confidence in students when they understand them. On the other hand, created materials, including material from text or course books, have a role when it's important to be able to grade the material to the students' learning level Course books are one of the principal resources for course material. Students often expect to use a book, whether that's because they have been required to purchase it when they enrolled, or because they want a reference for studying at home/in between classes. Course books can provide a balanced mix of language skills that are systematically covered and practiced throughout the course. However, if the course book is the only material used, the lessons can become mechanical, routine and boring. The best use of this resource is as a base that the teacher supplements with authentic materials or other creative resources according to students' specific needs and interests. In adapting the material, a teacher has the option of omitting portions of the prepared course material; replacing sections with other materials that are more relevant or interesting; supplementing the existing material to better meet specific needs; and adapting the course material.