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In this Unit, I have learned the different Past tenses in English language which are the simple past, past progressive, past perfect and past perfect continuous. Simple Past tense is used for actions completed at a definite time in the past. It is also used together with the past progressive or continuous tense to show interruption of an action in progress in the past. To form affirmative sentences, add -ed to the regular verb. There is no definite rule for the irregular verbs, so it must be memorized. To form the negative sentences, add the auxiliary verb did plus -not, then add the main verb. Past Progressive tense is used for actions that were in progress at a special time in the past. Used without time reference, the action indicates a gradual progress that happened in the past. It is usually used to express actions to describe events or conditions that were in progress in the past. It is mostly associated with the word while. To form the sentence, use the past tense of the auxiliary verb to be, which is was/were then add -ing to the main verb. Past Perfect and Past perfect continuous were really difficult for me to understand. The explanation in this lesson was short and it left me a bit confused. I had to read more information about its differences and usage. I am doing a lot of practice and reading on these tenses to be able to familiarize myself on how it is being used naturally in English. As a non-native English speaker, I can relate to the students` struggles on these tenses, especially forming the negative sentences, questions, the use of irregular verbs, differences of past perfect or continuous. In this lesson, I am grateful to learn about the basic rules on forming these tenses, when and how to use it. I have also gained some ideas on how to teach it in a fun way by using cards or pictures, discussion, interviews, and such things. I hope to be able to teach these effectively in the future.