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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

J.F. - France said:
Let me first say that I have enjoyed this course quite a bit. I thought the material and the worksheets were meaningful and I have appreciated your feedback and corrections. My TESOL experience with grade school children in rural France was very gratifying for me but even though I did a very good job and quickly developed a bit of a fan club I was always well aware of my shortcomings. I knew I needed some training, and also some theory. The theory and broader implications I did get with a year of Open University correspondence studies in TESOL. The ITTT course gave me something else I needed: practical classroom application information. While not an in-class course it has still been immensely valuable because of the “nuts and bolts” approach. I now have a manual to refer back to and much more resource material than I had before as well as some solid (and proper) lesson planning experience. I definitely have much more confidence and am looking forward to returning to France to pick up where I left off. In more specific terms, what I have learned that I will put into action immediately is looking at a course cycle with a more balanced approach (the four skills) and a teaching formula (ESA) to employ. Before it was all “by the seat of my pants teaching” which was certainly exciting, but it wasn’t always practical or effective. Also, the lesson planning format I created and used before will head to the trash in favor of the lesson plan format I have used in this course. In general, I have a lot more to consider now as I plan my lessons, many things I had never considered before, and with that I think I am better prepared. Thanks!