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R.L. - South Korea said:
I originally decided to take this course at the advisement of my EPIK contact after an interview for teaching english in South Korea. During my interview I was confident in my ability to live in a different country, as I have done so before, and to work well with students. However, I had no teaching experience or knowledge about correct ways to teach and what I would be teaching. I knew that if I went to South Korea with only what I had at the time, I would be incredibly nervous about actually teaching as I wouldn’t even know where to begin. So I asked my EPIK contact what she would suggest and she suggested I acquire a tesol certification so that I could feel more confident entering a classroom for the first time. While the grammar units felt mostly like review of concepts I already understood, I found it very helpful to remember the names that each concept had and ways to teach them – areas of which I knew I was lacking. The teaching-related units were the most beneficial to me. I’ve been a student for most of my life so I know what makes a “good” teacher and what makes a “bad” teacher, and I know what seems to work best for remembering material and keeping student interest, but there is much more to teaching than that. Those units on teaching tactics really opened my eyes to everything involved with handling a classroom and portraying information effectively. Reading those units, doing those worksheets, and making those lesson plans greatly added to my confidence in regards to teaching english in another country. I feel more prepared than I even thought I would feel when I started. I’m not sure what I was expecting from the course, but it definitely provided me with more information than I thought it was going to give. With all the information I have learned through this TESOL course, I plan to feel confident about teaching english. If I get a job teaching in South Korea, I will use what I learned to create working ESA-style lessons to teach grammar concepts that I now understand more clearly. I know more about introducing and reviewing topics so to benefit the students as much as possible and I hope I get the chance to encourage students to continue to learn and eventually feel confident talking to native english speakers or going to english-speaking countries. I want to help students grow and english speakers, knowing that I have helped them get closer to their goals.

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