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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

It wasn't until I watched someone teach so horrendously wrong that I was made aware of what I have learned so far. Immediately the teacher in the first video made me feel angry and uncomfortable. He was rude, unpleasant, impatient, and grating on every fiber of my being. He made students feel stupid for not answering correctly, which a teacher should never do. He arrived late when a teacher should always be there first, and then disrupted the lesson and drew attentions to the late arrival of students. He essentially ignored the organizational checklist in Chapter 9--didn't check his lesson plan beforehand, didn't neatly lay out materials, and wasn't ready to chat with students when they arrived. He didn't take into account the learning level of the class ("What is necessary at your place of employment?" rather than "What can you do at work?"). His unpleasant mood intimidated the class and they were much less willing to participate (especially when he'd answer with a blunt "No, you're wrong"). A lot of his lesson was emphasizing winners and losers, rather than the nurturing environment of the second teacher. The first teacher was very teacher-centered, while the second involved the students every step of the way. The second teacher was also friendlier, spoke more clearly, and was encouraging to even silly answers (when a student said that you can play volleyball in a restaurant, he made it fun). There was also no time management with the first teacher. He made a lot of guesses and kept asking "Are you done yet?" rather than giving students a time-frame. Had he used the Lesson Plan outline in Chapter 9, this wouldn't be a problem. Clarity, especially, was an essential factor between the two. Simply clarifying the purpose of a task or making something easier to digest can change the entire mood of the students. When something is easier to understand, it can be more fun. What was most plain, however, is this: The teacher's attitude can change the outcome of an entire class. It's simple; people learn better when they are taught better. This definitely opened my eyes more to the world of teaching and how it can go so very wrong or wonderfully right.