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Unit 3 covers the different methodologies and techniques that are consistently under debate as to which one will provide the best results for the students. Each methodology and technique has a specific strong point along with a weak point, allowing for another method to appear stronger then the last. A middle ground has to be made in order to achieve the best results for the students to learn to the best of their abilities given the cultural settings by utilizing the strengths from each method. Regardless of how a teacher goes about utilizing these strengths, a key method in maintaining students motivation is ESA- Engage, Study, Activate. By utilizing those three steps, whether they are in a Straight Arrow, Boomerang, or Patchwork lesson, students will be able to learn and utilize the language thoroughly with the amount of talk time being evenly distributed between the students and the teacher. Allowing the students to communicate amongst each other lets the students use the language they already know or are in the middle of learning in all different kinds of creative and interactive experiences. The lessons will not be dull for those students who tend to find it hard to concentrate within the classroom, yet it is not overpowering for those who cannot tolerate too much activity and require more strictness in their learning environment. When it comes time for the teacher to provide corrections to students work or their speaking skills, it will take some practice before the middle ground is found where they are not over correcting or under correcting. It is not a skill that will be acquired right away, especially considering some students may require more attention than others when it comes to corrections. Specifically when it comes to higher-level students, some may require or request more specific corrections on their work so that they know what they have to improve upon. Whereas, other students will prefer the middle ground for corrections because that is mostly what they are used to within their schooling.