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this unit teach us about the difrrences of teaching aids needed in the lesson , exept from worksheet and books there is some technoligical equipment that can help to study like : dvd, cd , ohp, laptop
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This is the grammatical unit I have found the easiest however this course in its entirety has shown that identifying grammatical patterns and it's something I am going to need to work on before I put
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This Unit showcase a spectrum of teaching methodologies that will be applicable and in my opinion i find this lesson thoroughly covered as I think its important as a teacher to understand that one sho
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In this unit, various point on how should a teacher plan lesson was well covered and although there is an argument on whether teachers should plan a lesson as it fixates on a more rigid and teacher-ce
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This lesson consist of two parts in which the first video depict the teacher a little impatient with his students and rushing through the lesson while the second video show the same teacher teaching i
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This topic touches on the various receptive and productive skills that will be needed to incorporate to the daily lives of teaching, further moving on to the different ways we read and listen at the s
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This unit focuses on the two production skills; Speaking and Writing, in the first part of the unit, various methods and activities were taught to enhance students speaking skills and how to boost the
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Aliwal North
This unit teaches on the concept of pronunciation and phonology,with us speaking English everyday,it's easy for us to actually forget about pronunciation and the concept of intonation and the stressin
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This unit discuss about various material that can be used to teach in a class, from authentic materials that would be easily relatable by the students and various created material that teachers can in
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This unit discusses on the various test and assessments that teacher can use in different part of the semester in order to evaluate their students, this topic is really straightforward and looking bac
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This unit talk about the basics of conditional and reported speech, the five main conditionals and also at the same time discusses about the reported and direct speech. one of the main takeaway from t
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Barkly East
This unit discusses about the few equipment and teaching aids that a teacher can utilize to smoothly conduct a lesson with the students, although we have all experience the whiteboard,it was through t
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This unit teaches about modals, phrasal verbs and the passive voice, it was discuss in the beginning of the unit about the basic rules of the modals, while each verbs can be quite similar in their mea
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This unit talks about the different levels of 'clients' that a teacher may teaches, different methods and techniques were discussed in this lesson based on the different groups, how different it would
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The last unit of this course discusses about the common problems and situations a teacher may face in a classroom, from the beginning of the first class with new and existing group, and other various
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Well, this lesson has been quite important for me because I'm an empiric teacher, I've gained all my teaching experience trough experimenting which ways or methodologies are better and during this pro
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As it's mentioned in the unit text, the tenses in English and in any language are one of the most important aspects to teach and learn but they also cause a lot of difficulties to the students. I thin
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Managing classes sometimes can be quite challenging probably because we don't have enough strategies in mind all the time. This lesson has provided me with very important aspects to be able to keep my
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Vocabulary and grammar teaching can be a double face thing if you as a teacher don't prepare your activities in anticipation properly, you feel confident enough with certain vocabulary and you really
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When you as a teacher plan your classes, it's important to have certain order in the activities that will be developed in class with students. In my case as I'm mostly an empiric teacher, I always fol
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Pronunciation can be such a difficult part to teach. This unit has helped me to know very important aspects that have to be taken in mind, when it comes to practicing pronunciation in class, such as
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Tenses indicate time and tell whether the time is present or past, complete or incomplete, interrupted or steady. Verbs sometimes need auxiliaries to indicate the foregoing and all the rules, which ar
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Bonza Bay
Effective classroom management increases learning opportunities for students. In order for this to happen, teachers must be positive, friendly, observant and fair. They must build an atmosphere to lea
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In order to teach a new language, teachers must expose students to the language in all its forms. A productive vocabulary must be developed and students then taught how the words they've learned inter
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The future tense is very nuanced, which makes it very difficult even for a native English speaker like me. But understanding the nuances of the future tense, and all the other tenses for that matter,
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I have understand to this lesson that teachers and student should be engaged o the lesson that they are teaching and the student needs to focus to fully understand the lessons. That the students shou
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The teachers need more techniques on how the students will understand the lesson about using the correct grammar in the sentences. Need to understand that the FORM is shows affirmative(positive) negat
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The teacher just plunged into the lesson confusing the students and intimidating them to a degree. He also asked too many questions and didn't give students enough time to respond. In addition, he was
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Cannon Rocks
In order to master a new language, students need to learn the basic skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking the language. An ESL teacher can motivate students to develop these skills throug
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Cape St. Francis
I have understand to this unit that Vocabulary , Grammar and functions are very important to understand the correct usages of them. Teaching vocabulary is also important to the learners, specially to
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It is vitally important for the ESL teacher to impress on students that they can learn to speak English by developing the necessary language skills. Students can be motivated to do this by a variety o
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I have understand from this lesson that making lesson plan is one of the most important that teachers should learn properly to be able to teach the class and let the student to understand the lesson b
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I have understand to this unit that making the students more interested to the class and to the class topic as well are always depend on the teachers first mood shows in the class. Smile to the stude
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Based on what I have understand to this lesson is the use of study engaged and activate lesson. Teaching is not depends on the teachers interest to teach but it depends on the students needs to learn
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I have understand to this unit that communication is a very complex and very important to understand both when people are communicating. When two or more people are communicating they have to make sur
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Using authentic materials such as newspapers, magazines, videos and CD's ca be a great way of stimulating interest in a new language for students and encouraging creativity. But created materials by t
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Coffee Bay
based on I have understand to this unit is,Using balance authentic materials and created materials are both needed on teaching and making all them durable would be much better to use next time. Cours
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I have understand to this unit that this is designed to give knowledge and understanding of different ways that teachers can assess their students proficiency in written and spoken English. I understa
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From this unit, teachers and student will be able to understand the different usage of conditionals in particular, ZERO CONDITIONAL, FIRST CONDITIONAL, SECOND CONDITONAL, THIRD CONDITIONAL, and the MI
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I have understand in this unit the usage of many different teaching materials, techniques, advantages and disadvantages of using different materials in a classroom and noticed many ways of teaching.
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I have understand to this unit the importance of the grammar on using English, to get the perfect grammar, you should study at least full years course but in this short course, it will allow us to cov
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It's difficult for a teacher to know what English skills they should teach without testing and evaluating students to determine what they know, and more importantly, what they don't know. As a result,
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I have learn for this unit different classes, teaching individual students, teaching children's and many more. Teaching beginners tends to strike fear into the hearts of inexperienced teachers however
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The methodology used for any lesson is based upon the following parameters: the ability and knowledge of the students, the subject matter, time allocated and resources available. The Engage, Study, Ac
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In this lesson I have understand the different common problems that teachers are facing and encounter in the classroom when teaching specially to the learners that are beginners and non English speake
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The suggestopaedia method focuses on the need for the students to be comfortable, confident and relaxed to learn how to be more effective. The Lexical approach argues that words and phrases are far be
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Present perfect continuous tense relates past activities to the present. it implies that either the activity is likely to continue in the future or that the activity was in progress for some length of
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East London
The pros who whole class grouping is that it creates a sense of belonging among the group, allows students to interact with any other class members, suitable for activities where the teacher needs to
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This module feels like the core of teaching English as a foreign language. The structure of the lesson is pivotal to the knowledge and experience of the students, however, it forms also as the buildi
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This unit discussed about modal verbs, active/passive voice, relative clauses and phrasal verbs. Knowing the modal verbs will clearly help you convey your feelings and emotions when making sentences.
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