Can I teach in Dubai with a TEFL?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a global center of trade, finance, and travel, thanks to its vast oil wealth, major ports, and thriving tourism industry. With cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi offering lavish shopping, world-class dining, and some of the most stunning architecture in the world, the Emirates have become a popular tourist and investment destination. These attractions, combined with some of the most lucrative salaries and benefits in the world, make the UAE one of the most desirable destinations for teaching English abroad.

Is TEFL enough to teach in Dubai?

Generally speaking, simply having a TEFL certification does not guarantee you a job in Dubai or the rest of the UAE. If you want to teach English in Dubai with a TEFL certificate, make sure you meet the other requirements, such as a degree and relevant work experience.

Can you teach English in the UAE if you don't have a degree?

It is rather unlikely. English teachers will be required to have a bachelor's degree in addition to their TEFL certification. Having said that, many schools in the UAE will require teachers to have a degree in education or even a master's degree (often in any field).

Furthermore, many employers will strongly prefer candidates with prior teaching experience and/or a teaching license from a country such as the United States or the United Kingdom.

This is not to say that you should only apply for jobs in the UAE if you have a graduate degree and teaching experience. English instructors with only an undergraduate degree can still be hired in this region, particularly in lesser-known cities like Sharjah and Al Ain.

Do I have to be a native English speaker to teach English in Dubai?

The majority of schools will require applicants to be native English speakers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, or New Zealand. However, qualified candidates with a graduate degree and/or teaching experience who are not native English speakers or are not from one of the aforementioned countries can still find work in the UAE.