ESL instructor certification training

Table of contents

1. Why Choose ITTT for ESL Instructor Certification Training

2. Benefits of ITTT's ESL Instructor Certification Program

3. Curriculum and Course Structure

4. Job Placement Assistance and Career Support

5. Conclusion

Are you passionate about teaching English as a second language and looking to pursue a rewarding career in ESL instruction? Look no further than ITTT (International TEFL and TESOL Training) for comprehensive ESL instructor certification training. With over 25 years of experience in providing high-quality education and training programs, ITTT is a trusted name in the field of TEFL and TESOL certification.

Curriculum and Course Structure

ITTT's ESL instructor certification programs cover a wide range of topics, including lesson planning, classroom management, language skills development, and more. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the course material and provide personalized feedback to help you succeed. In addition, ITTT offers specialized courses in areas such as business English, young learners, and teaching English online, allowing you to tailor your certification to your specific interests and career goals.

Job Placement Assistance and Career Support

Upon successful completion of your ESL instructor certification course, ITTT provides job placement assistance to help you find exciting teaching opportunities around the world. Our dedicated team will support you in creating a professional resume, preparing for interviews, and connecting with potential employers. Whether you are looking to teach in a traditional classroom setting or online, ITTT is here to help you launch your ESL teaching career.


In conclusion, ITTT offers comprehensive ESL instructor certification training that is flexible, engaging, and internationally recognized. With a focus on practical teaching skills and personalized support, ITTT is the perfect choice for anyone looking to start or advance their career in ESL instruction. Join ITTT today and take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career as an English language teacher.

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