Why Choose ITTT: Great Variety of Course Topics


If you take an online TEFL course with ITTT you are in no way compromising on the theory of English language teaching as our courses cover all the essential topics required. The 120-hour TEFL certification is our most popular online course option. It includes 20 in-depth units on all the main subjects you really need to be aware of if you want to start your first teaching job with full confidence in your teaching knowledge. In this course we spend plenty of time looking at English grammar and how to teach it effectively. These sections cover items such as the tense system, conditionals, modals, passive voice and much more. These topics might be a little scary to some trainees in the beginning, but with the help of our clear and informative materials you will have nothing to fear.

As well as extensive coverage of grammar topics, the course also covers classroom management subjects in some depth. Wherever you are teaching and whoever your students are, the role of a teacher is always much tougher if you are not familiar with the basics of organising and controlling a classroom. Other important areas of teaching that are covered during the course include teaching methodologies, the use of classroom materials, technology in the classroom, and evaluation and testing techniques.

Looking for a TEFL Placement Program?

One great way to secure a job teaching English abroad is via a TEFL recruitment scheme. Many of these are long-standing government-run programs that take care of all the paperwork and hassle, allowing you to head off knowing that everything is organized for you. This is a popular choice for many thousands of our course graduates every year. For more details on the options available, read through our FAQ: Which countries have a TEFL placement program?

Want to Learn Spanish While Teaching English Abroad?

Many people take the time to learn or improve on other languages while working as an EFL teacher overseas. One of the most popular second languages is Spanish and there are several great countries to teach in if you want to work on your language skills. For a look at some of the most popular choices, check out our FAQ: Which are the best Spanish speaking countries for teaching English abroad?

While you are there you can also browse through over 200 other commonly asked questions in our FAQ section and find out the answers in straightforward and easy to understand English. Whatever you need to know about teaching English at home or abroad, we have the answers at ITTT.

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