Why Choose ITTT: Excellent Course Reviews


As we always put the needs of our trainees at the top of our agenda, we are more than pleased to receive feedback on your individual experiences of taking a TEFL course with ITTT. We will gladly listen to any suggestions you have or issues you came across during your time with us and make the necessary changes to our services and materials if required. However, the feedback we typically get is overwhelmingly positive and the ratings we receive are generally among the highest in the field of TEFL course providers. Of course, we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it! You can visit any one of a number of different third party sites to see for yourself what our trainees and graduates have had to say about their training experience with ITTT.

If you would like an insight into our course reviews, check out sites such as Facebook,,,,, and Trustpilot for genuine, independent reviews from a wide spectrum of people across the world. At ITTT we are confident that we offer the best TEFL courses and overall service in the business, but it is always good to have it confirmed by thousands of satisfied trainees every year who go out of their way to post a review on one of these independent platforms.

Who Can Take a TEFL course?

As the demand for qualified EFL teachers is so strong in many parts of the world, there are few restrictions on who is eligible to take a TEFL course. Age and academic backgrounds are largely unimportant; all you really need is a firm grasp of the English language and the determination to turn your dreams into reality. For an overview of the basic requirements, take a look at our FAQ: Who can do a TEFL course?

Want to Head Overseas to Teach English?

If your dream is to teach English abroad you might be wondering whether it is better to take a TEFL course before heading off or once you arrive in your chosen destination. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, but you should still have a read of our FAQ: Should I take my TEFL course before I head overseas to teach?

While you are there you can also browse through over 200 other commonly asked questions in our FAQ section and find out the answers in straightforward and easy to understand English. Whatever you need to know about teaching English at home or abroad, we have the answers at ITTT.

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