Why Choose ITTT: Combined TEFL/TESOL Courses


The combined TEFL course is a mix of online and in-class study that is a perfect fit for some trainees. The first part of the course is completed online from wherever you are in the world. For the second part you need to attend one of our training centers where you will get invaluable teaching practice in a genuine English language classroom. During your stay you will also receive further instruction on various teaching topics from our professional teacher trainers. If this sounds like a good option for you, you can choose your in-class training center from a number of great locations around the world.

The second part of the combined TEFL course consists of ten days of study, with the middle weekend free, at our training centers in Bangkok, Phuket, and Rome. Study at our centers in New York and Paris runs for eight days straight. As the in-class training is completed at one of these amazing locations, many of our trainees choose to arrive a little early or stay on after the course to take advantage of the local sites and attractions. The combined course will provide all you need to get your EFL teaching career off the ground and give you the perfect opportunity to visit one of the world's most popular destinations.

How Does the Combined TEFL Course Work?

Our combined course is a unique blend of online and in-class study that offers something a little different from standard courses. If you think this could be the right course for you, you can get more information by going to our FAQ: How does the combined TEFL course work?

Where Can I Teach English?

Once you have completed your TEFL certification course you will be ready to start applying for jobs all over the world. The choice of destination will vary for every graduate as we all have different dreams and ideas about where we want to live and work. Before you make a final decision there are a few things you need to consider, which is why we put together this FAQ: Can I choose where I teach English abroad?

While you are there you can also browse through over 200 other commonly asked questions in our FAQ section and find out the answers in straightforward and easy to understand English. Whatever you need to know about teaching English at home or abroad, we have the answers at ITTT.

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