Why Choose ITTT: We Have Earned Many Awards


Over the years we have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that our products and services are the very best in the TEFL field, so it is always a real boost to receive official recognition from independent bodies within our industry. Since we started out in 1998 we have been honoured to receive many different awards from teaching and travel industry bodies, particularly in recent years. In 2018 we were presented with the award for Top TEFL certification Organization by GoAbroad, who are one of the largest providers of overseas experiences online. The following year we also received their award for Top Rated TEFL Organization 2019.

As one of the largest and most respected online providers of travel and adventure information currently operating, Go Overseas is another major body that presents independent awards in the world of TEFL. In 2018 we were delighted to be awarded their Community Choice Award. Awards such as these help to demonstrate that we are at the very forefront of TEFL certification. They also encourage us to continually develop and improve our courses and overall services in order to maintain our position as the market leader in EFL teacher training. Thanks to this recognition from respected global bodies you can rest assured that by choosing ITTT your journey into English teaching is in safe hands.

How to Choose a TEFL Course?

If you have done some research into TEFL training courses you will probably have noticed that there are many different options available. Courses can be taken online, in-class, or even as a combination of the two. Short-format options can take as little as 20 hours, while more in-depth options can take in-excess of 500 hours or more. For a simple breakdown of how to start the training process take a look at our FAQ post: How do I choose a TEFL course?

Thinking About Taking an Online TEFL Course?

As online training courses are becoming more and more popular it is good to know that there are many advantages to following this route towards TEFL certification. If online training is the way you are thinking of going, take a look at our FAQ post: How do online TEFL courses work?

While you are there you can also browse through over 200 other commonly asked questions in our FAQ section and find out the answers in straightforward and easy to understand English. Whatever you need to know about teaching English at home or abroad, we have the answers at ITTT.

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