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Unit 8 describes the many different future tenses used in the English language. From the Future simple to the Present simple and continuous. Understanding how to express an event in the future, a prediction or a firm decision and how to teach it. There are some common mistakes that student make while learning the tenses and it is important to keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Having clear explanations and examples and making sure there is plenty of time for students to practice the different tenses is important. Remembering the grammar structure of each future tense can be very helpful. For example that future perfect sentences will always contain a "have", while future continuous always contains an -ing form of a modal verb. Future simple sentences contain "will be" etc. The activities that can be done with future simple for ex. are predictions, fortune telling and thinking what to do on a trip. With future continuous students can try to arrange meetings using calendars full with activities. Future perfect can also be used for planning: "What will you have done by....". Future perfect continuous can allow expressions like.."by this time next week I will have completed unit 10". "I'm going to complete unit 10 by next week" is the "Going to future tense with -ing form of the verb".