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Classroom Management 1.Eye contact, gesture and voice. We need to show students they are all involved in the lesson. To en sure that students understand what they are supposed to do and what is going on. To indicate who is speak. To encourage contributions. To hold the attentions of students who are not being addressed. To maintain discipline. To signal students to start, stop or get a move on. To indicate that something is correct or in correct. To check that everybody is participating. Gesture. We should convey the meaning of language. Manage the class, add visual interest, to increase the pace of the lesson, and reduce the need for verbal explanation. The voice should change naturally according to the circumstance. Using students' name when we want to organise an activity, acknowledge the students, indicate who is to answer and respond, and get the attention of a student. 2.Grouping students, I learned pros and cons of Whole class grouping, student working on their own, and pairwork, groupwork. 3. Classroom arrangement. We need to consider the space available, type of the chairs and tables, age of the students, nationality, and student personality. And I learned about different types of the classroom. Orderly Rows, it makes lecturing easy, enable the teacher to maintain eye contact and helps reduce discipline problems. Circles and horseshoes,this arrangement often make pairwork easier and allow student to have eye contact with all other class number. Separate table, it is easy for teacher to work on each table while the other groups continue their work. And about the teacher's position, I learned some situation we should sit or stand. Writing on the board, I learned some ways to avoid the time of you spend to write. Giving the individual attention, the advantages and disadvantage of the teacher talking time, how to avoid unnecessary TTT. Giving instuctions, using simple language, being consistent, using visual clues, checking the instructions. And how to establishing rapport with students. Maintaining discipline, I learned reasons for the problem behaviour,preventing problem behaviour, and responding to problem behaviour.