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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

As this course is only at its beginning stages, Unit 1 was simply a type of introductory to the remainder of this courses potential. Points were given as to what it meant to be a "good teacher" and a "good learner" as well as dissecting the dynamic relationship between the two. This unit gave listed areas of 'most-effectiveness' from either perspectives to achieve greater success both in and out of the classroom. Whether that is staying motived, encouraging and building-up, or simply being present to help better one another, it is the establishment of this unique symbiosis and bond between teacher and student that is key to a successful learning experience. This unit also talked about the importance of knowing to whom you are speaking, especially as the teacher who has entered a foreign land. Being aware of the cultural differences as to what is and isn't socially acceptable must play a role in how any subject is taught. As the foreigner in the room who has something that others have come to obtain puts a teacher in an empowering position that should still be handled with care and discernment. From a teachers' perspective, it seems that there needs to be a great deal of balance, as there must be in any other area of life. It is a balance between being a constant, reliable source of information and resources, and yet knowing when the students should problem-solve for themselves. It is knowing when to step-in, prompting students, and encouraging them to finish their train of thought, and, as the unit read, not "spoon-feeding" them the answers. It is knowing when to keep things interesting and exciting, but maintaining a sense of order and organization. However, with such a delicate scale to be aware of, a teacher is constantly a solid foundation to his/her students and someone who they should always feel comfortable and confident around. In my eyes, the moment the students begin to approach the teacher on their own terms with questions, opinions, and any other personal thoughts or information, the teacher has done his/her job well, because now genuine trust has been established. Now no longer being seen as a distant foreigner, but as someone who sincerely cares for them and has a heart to see them succeed in life.