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In this unit,In each new teaching position a teacher will be faced with meeting a number of new classes for the first time. These classes are vital for the teacher to establish rapport with the students and set the tone for the rest of the course. Such classes can fall into two categories: New group – in this kind of group the students don't know each other and some work will be needed to establish rapport between the class members. Students may be unfamiliar with EFL methodology. Existing group – in an existing group the students are already likely to know and be comfortable with each other and familiar with EFL teaching. When faced with a first lesson the experienced teacher will not resort to the course book but will try to use activities that will achieve the following: Establish rapport between the students (in the case of a new group) and also between the teacher and the class. Find out about the students. This will allow the teacher to be able to plan future lessons to cater to the students’ interests. Find out about the students' needs/aspirations with English. This enables the teacher to tailor the course to meet the needs of the class. Find out the English level of each individual class member. Areas of difficulty with the language can be built into the course syllabus. Before your classes, Warmers is very improtent part in your class. We use some short, fun, communicative activies to get students motivated and using English. Also Each student's English level is different, so we use different materials or same material, different tasks for them.Don't let them find other one who in his/her own level within class. But you can pair stronger students with weaker ones. Large classes can present the teacher with a number of problems from trying to involve all pupils equally to classroom control. Despite such problems the teacher can employ a number of techniques to create successful classes.Use their native language when appropriate and don't explain everything with their native language.What should we do when we meet some reluctant students, I learnt how to deal with diffculties with listening texts.