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Teaching productive skills Writing skills are often not fully developed by students because teachers do not like to have quiet time in the classroom. Therefore, they often make writing activities homework and students may or may not complete the homework. Fluency and Accuracy Accuracy activities are often part of the study phase and focus on correct language. Fluency activities are usually part of the activate phase and focus more on allowing the students to experiment with the language. One is not more important than the other. • Speaking activities in the classroom • Controlled activities • accuracy based • language controlled by teacher • Drilling/prompting • Guided Activities • Accuracy based/bit more creative • Output controlled by teacher but not exact language • Model dialogues/guided roleplay • Creative communication • Fluency based activities • Scenario usually created by teacher but content of the language isn't. • Free role play/discussions/information gap Encouraging students to participate and interact Use the following techniques to encourage interaction • Pair work • Group work • Purposeful speaking activities • Careful planning Guidelines for free/creative speaking lesson Before the lesson -> Aims What will the students do successfully and have more trouble with? During activity-> Gain interest Remind students of useful vocab/structure Give students enough time to prepare Monitor activity After activity -> Comment on fluency Perhaps record activity and then show it to students Note recurring errors