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Conditionals can be quite fun, because most of them are things we hope to do or wish to do or even will do. The hard part is understanding the Conditional because of the tense and arrangement. Examples: If I won the lottery, I would buy a new house. Second conditional If I had listen to her, I would be lost right now. Mixed conditionals Direct and indirect (reported) speech, this can also be quite fun for students. Because all student love to talk about what another student or friend has said or done. One concept I give most my students to help in this area. If you’re speaking directly to someone, it’s Direct Speech. If you’re speaking about what someone has said to another person it’s (Reported) Indirect Speech. To get them thinking before getting into the lesson. By giving examples of what is commonly said. When people talk about what others have said. And how some of the tenses will change. But some will not. Eliciting how we have to change a few words if were telling it to someone else. Then say, so how do we fix this. And go into the lesson. This is one area that involves all the tenses. Depending on what has been said and how and when. Examples are things like: Direct - John said, I’m leaving tomorrow. Reported- John Said, he was leaving tomorrow. Direct- Jim said, I go swimming on Wednesdays. Reported- Jim said, he goes swimming on Wednesdays. Direct- Jane said, I will be coming back. Reported- Jane said, she would be coming back. I always start the topic by having a conversation of what students have said to others. About what their friends have said.