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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

In this unit, I have learned how important it is to have a lesson plan to make each day in the classroom run as smoothly as possible. A lesson plan functions as an aid in the planning process to to know what we expect the students to achieve by the end of the lesson. It works as a working document to help keep the teacher and the class on target and gives us something to refer to during the lesson. Finally, t acts as a record of what a class has done, what materials were used, what works and what does not. This way the lesson can be used for future classes as well. With each time a particular lesson plan is carried, there is an opportunity to improve the lesson based on different situations from group to group. When writing a lesson plan, it should be kept as simple as possible as nothing good ever comes from a scripted lesson. A lesson plan should be structured and maintain the same structure through the year. Each activity should have an anticipated amount of time that will be spent on it in order to make full use of the time allotted and avoid any lull. Lesson plans should include activities that fit with the lesson in order to allow a smooth flow. A lesson plan should also be flexible and allow for adaptation as each classroom will have different dynamic depending on the students. It is important for a teacher to maintain organization in any way they can. A lesson plan can certainly assist with this. There are some things the teacher should do before carrying out a lesson plan. Sometimes it helps to run through the plan to work out any errors and make sure all aids and materials are accounted for. Seating should be arranged as desired for the lesson at hand and materials should be ready before students arrive. It is always important of course to make sure all equipment is working. When the students arrive it always helps set the mood if the teacher strikes conversation with them as this well break the ice and they will be ready to learn. A lesson plan should include a number of things to better prepare the teacher for the day. Objectives are a sure way to remind the teacher what they wish the student to accomplish by the end of the lesson. Personal aims should always be set as a teacher always has room for improvement. A language point sets the theme for the lesson and teaching aids allow a focal point for the lesson to be carried out. It is also expected of a teacher to anticipate problems that may occur within a lesson and to have a solution readily available to administer. Procedures are used to help achieve the learner objectives and phases break the lesson up into an engaging aspect, study time and an activation period. Timing is important to note in lesson plans to ensure that everything will be completed. Interaction is always important to keep in mind as there should be equal parts of student to teacher and student to student interaction. Class level and class size will help in planning the type of activities that will be suitable for the lesson. Date and time helps the teacher in keeping record and storing lessons for later use. Lesson planning is much more than just outlining information it is a process that is carefully put together based on many different factors within one specific classroom.